About Us

Victory IPTV – Best Place for Movies, Shows and Live Streaming

We deliver best quality IPTV platform where you can see unlimited movies, shows, live TV, live music and many more, easy to use, worldwide channels, save your favorite shows and channels, customize payment options and affiliation program to enjoy streaming and smooth buffering with your family and friends.

Ultra HD Resolution

Enjoy your favorite shows and channels with uninterrupted buffering and in ultra-high resolution of 8.3 Mega Pixel.

Favorite channels

You can save your favorite channels and easy to watch anytime, no more searching of all channels throughout application.

Bonus Offers

You can share your Registration link with your friends and family, enjoy your unlimited affiliation income when they choose their plan.


Get notification of new shows and new movies, subscription renewal and many more, you can easily turn on and off notification in your app.

Non Stop Buffering

When it comes to IPTV services, important thing is buffering, we offer nonstop buffering throughout all channels inside our app.

Multi Language Channels

Enjoy your favorite channels globally from English, Malay, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian, Philippines and many more.

Victory IPTV – Watch your favorite movies, shows and live streaming, anytime, anywhere.

Victory IPTV is offered by Starlight Club, which provides unique IPTV platform to worldwide community and it’s easy to install and use, we offer affiliate program opportunity as to share your best movie, TV shows and other entertainment channels with your friends and family.

More than 8000 channels and live streams networks offered in various languages and regions. Victory IPTV channels are available in more than 20 languages and in various countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, US, Europe, Hong Kong and many other Arabic Countries. Movies, Drama, Kids, Comic, Variety, Animation, Netflix, MyMovie, MyDrama, Live TV, VOD and others are various categories of IPTV. Explore full entertainment with your friends and family with uninterrupted live streaming and buffering.