Why the Video is not loading?

In case your video is not loading, you need to check your networking connectivity and then check your phone storage, if it is full, you may experience slow loading or slow buffering, because buffering or streaming devices require space to cache the buffering data, If everything is okay from your side and still having issues, contact support.

Why isn't there a HD version of this video?

Most of the channels and shows are available in HD version, In case if you find any show or channel not in HD, you may let us know through support, in most of the cases through the main source the quality of video is defined.

I am new to this system, How can I purchase the key for IPTV?

In order to purchase the IPTV Key, you need to register your account, you will be asked to purchase a package and once you make payment, you will receive credit to purchase subscription key. Once you have subscription key, you need to download the app and insert your key and enjoy your favorite shows.

I have key already, but it’s not working.

In case such issue occurred, please contact admin to verify your key validity, all the keys are valid for one month only, please check your purchase date and also check if your internet connection is okay or not.

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