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Mega Empire Wisdom Sdn. Bhd.


Mega Empire Wisdom Since 2017 engaged in offering event management services such as consultant, music entertainment, corporate promote, marketing consultant, advertisement and public relations and to undertake publicity for making known products, manufacturers and goods in Malaysia or abroad.

After successfully following the industry of entertainment and advertisement, Mega Empire Wisdom has offered a new service in the market its STARLIGHT, which is offering IPTV services to global community in Malaysia and other countries also.

Our CEO, Mr Rahmad Bin Tohak having 30 years of professional & Industrial experience, from widely renowned singer, music composer and event consultant has now offered a new platform for global community where anyone can access their favorite channels and programs in their mobile with just one simple app installation. Victory IPTV App is designed with best features such as multiple languages, various countries, various program categories, instant buffering and access from anywhere and anytime.

The Starlight App is widely appreciated and adopted by thousands of people in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and many other Asian countries, Our CEO has decide to expand the Starlight network for Global community from Europe to Latin America and Middle east.

Starlight platform not only offers to excellent and best video quality, but also offers you referral program which allows you to make profit through your friends and families who watch Starlight TV videos with you.

Features of

Victory IPTV.

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High Definition 4k Videos

Now watch videos in 4K resolution which gives you same feeling of cinema, instant activation and no hidden fees.

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More than 10 languages

Victory IPTV comes in more than 20 countries with 10 different language channels such as French, English, Philippines, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese and many more.

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No more expensive bills and easy installation

There is no complicated installation, just download Starlight APK, use your key to activate your Victory IPTV and enjoy your favorite channels .

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Multi-platform Victory IPTV App

You can download and install Victory IPTV in android, MacBook and Windows using our different versions. It’s easy to install and use.

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Sports, Music, Movies, Entertainment and more.

Browse more than 20 categories from Sports to Music, Entertainment to Movies, Drama Shows to Religious channels, many more you can see from just one app.

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Victory IPTV – Watch your favorite movies, shows and live streaming, anytime, anywhere.

Victory IPTV is offered by Starlight Club, which provides unique IPTV platform to worldwide community and it’s easy to install and use, we offer affiliate program opportunity as to share your best movie, TV shows and other entertainment channels with your friends and family.

More than 8000 channels and live streams networks offered in various languages and regions. Victory IPTV channels are available in more than 20 languages and in various countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, US, Europe, Hong Kong and many other Arabic Countries. Movies, Drama, Kids, Comic, Variety, Animation, Netflix, MyMovie, MyDrama, Live TV, VOD and others are various categories of IPTV. Explore full entertainment with your friends and family with uninterrupted live streaming and buffering.